The Prayer of “Yay!”

There’s a music minister at my church who loves to say “Yay!” after singing. Something as simple as a proclamation of “yay” not only reminds us that joys can be found in our life, but it reminds us that expression to God can be as simple as one word.

Grace from Suffering

A year ago I was working as a chaplain at Georgetown University Hospital. It forced me to grapple with hard questions around suffering and the mystery of life. I recently wrote a reflection on how we can find grace in […]

Ritual at Death

The other morning I got myself out of bed to go to a 9am weekday Mass at a local church just a few minutes from where I live. When I got there I noticed there was a cantor and organist […]

Crying Out

Much of our lives is anxious waiting. It might be waiting to start a new job or for a baby to be born or for a school semester to end. For some it’s a waiting in hope: for a cancer […]