Freedom: A Meditation

freedom-meditation-logoFreedom is a hallmark concept in Ignatian spirituality. It marks a spirit of detachment in oneself, so one can fully be in relationship with God. No longer does anything hold us back from being the person God made us to be. This is the desire of the Christian. This is what Christ preached and did. He came to free us from sin, to heal us, and to direct our gaze on God.

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Lord God,
You give me the gift of freedom,
guiding me to a life of joy,
calling me to be my truest self.
As you freed Lazarus from the burial cloths,
and gave sight to the blind,
and called the rich man to detachment,
free me from the unfreedoms that pile up,
which blockade me from the life-giving joy you have for me.
Remove those things which hinder my life with you.
I can freely choose this. And I do.

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  1. WOW! Exactly what I needed today, at this exact moment~ You are truly a God Gift, thank you! I wrote for pages in my journal~Restating things that I know to be my truth~ begging with gratitude for direction. I am powerless~ only in my Great God of Mystery can I find wholeness and live holy. Thankyou, Kathy

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