A Story from the Bar

A search for the Ward 8, Boston’s most famous cocktail, leads to an authentic encounter with an old man at the bar. Sometimes it’s the stories that we’re seeking and the people who tell them.

Broken and Poured Out

A couple weeks ago Loyola Press offered a 3-Minute Retreat on the following verse of scripture: The cup of blessing that we bless, is it not a sharing in the blood of Christ? The bread that we break, is it […]

Liturgy & The Spiritual Exercises

Italian-born priest Fr Romano Guardini felt the Spiritual Exercises had an anti-liturgical bias. Indeed, Jesuits have been seen as anti-liturgical, or at least careless about the liturgy. In truth, the treasury of the Society of Jesus holds the liturgy with […]

Ritual at Death

The other morning I got myself out of bed to go to a 9am weekday Mass at a local church just a few minutes from where I live. When I got there I noticed there was a cantor and organist […]

Giving up Catholicism for Lent?

Last Lent you may have seen Stephen Colbert’s bit on Ash Wednesday (see the video at the bottom). The broadcast opens on Colbert with ashes on his forehead. “The ash on my forehead is a Christian symbol of sacrifice, penance, […]