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Andy Otto is available to speak or present to your group, parish, or conference! He enjoys speaking on a variety of spirituality themes, especially Ignatian spirituality, discernment, and prayer. Whether your context is a group of young adults preparing for transition from university, a Theology on Tap seeking to learn about the practicality of Ignatian spirituality, or an adult faith formation group looking to host an Advent or Lenten reflection evening, Andy may fit well with your needs. He engages through deep reflection, personal anecdotes, and enjoys drawing out hidden themes from scripture. Andy is more than happy to tailor a presentation to the particular needs of your group.

“A provocative, engaging speaker, Andy’s approach connects the theoretical abstract with the everyday practical. His deep reflection enables him to be a vessel through whom the Spirit can and does speak. One cannot help but walk away from a talk Andy delivers with both a palpable sense of contemplative inspiration and a crystal clear call to action.” 

– Michael Templeton, Director of Music Ministries,
The Church of St. Mary, Providence RI

Here are a few possible styles of presentation:

  • Evening talk with or without visual presentation
  • Day of reflection
  • Advent or Lent reflection
  • Engaging personal talk to young adults with Q&A
  • Conference style presentation

Possible themes:

  • Finding God in the everyday: Ignatian spirituality teaches us that we have a deeply personal God who communicates with us through our feelings, life experiences, and other people.
  • Discernment and purpose: God’s “desire” is perhaps better language than God’s “will”. Andy can speak about how to tap into God’s desires for us and being informed by our own desires, leading us to discover our purpose and role in God’s project.
  • Prayer: Andy is always seeking new ways to connect with God, just like hanging out with a friend. Aside from the Examen, a great foundation, there are limitless ways to build a friendship with God.
  • Transition: Having entered and then left the religious life and then getting married, Andy can speak to best practices he’s learned for life’s transitions, including the need for self-care, patience, and community.

Contact Andy directly at andy@godinallthings.com to enquire.

“Andy really worked with our planning committee to figure out what the best topic would be for the audience we serve. He was direct about the points he made, helping folks to think about the questions he posed and giving real-life examples of his struggles and successes in faith. As a young adult himself, he connected with the audience and was able to relate his message and get the participants to think more deeply about their beliefs.”

– Carly Caminiti,
St Cecilia Parish, Boston MA

“Having Andy speak at Boston’s Theology on Tap was a real treat. Our group is so eclectic – we are Anglican and Roman Catholic and Orthodox, as well as baptist and evangelical and everything in between – and Andy was able to make Ignatian Spirituality something that each of us understood and knew how to apply in our own lives. His was a practical, engaging, entertaining, and ultimately challenging call to each of us to listen deeply for God’s call in our lives, and to respond with absolute trust and joy. “

– Fr Sammy Wood, Associate Rector,
Church of the Advent, Boston MA

Previous events:

18 April 2017: St Anselm Church – Sudbury, MA
23-24 September 2016: Ministry Days – Diocese of Sacramento
25-26 September 2015: Ministry Days – Diocese of Sacramento
10 July 2015: Youth on a Mission – Diocese of Sacramento
1-4 May 2015: JVC East Retreat – Weston, MA
30 April 2015: South Boston Catholic Academy, Teacher Workshop – Boston, MA
15 April 2015: South Boston Catholic Academy, Parent Night – Boston, MA
22 March 2015: Discernment and Vocation – Paulist Center, Boston, MA
16 March 2015: “A God with Skin: A Spirituality for the Everyday Woman & Man”, Theology on Tap – Church of the Advent, Rattlesnake Bar, Boston, MA
10 February 2015: St Cecilia Parish – Boston, MA
16 November 2014: Ignatian Family Teach-in for Justice Networking Lunch – Washington, DC
13 November 2014: South Boston Catholic Academy, Parent Night – Boston, MA
18 October 2014: Jesuit Connection Nature Walk Reflection – Boston, MA

20 March 2014: Jesuit Connection Panel Discussion – Boston, MA
11 March 2014: Lenten Reflection Service – St Mary’s on Broadway, Providence, RI
27 February 2014: Talk and Q&A – Spirituality and Sexuality class, Boston College
18 December 2013: Advent Reflection Service – St Mary’s on Broadway, Providence, RI
19 March 2013: Lenten Reflection Service – St Mary’s on Broadway, Providence, RI
Spring 2014: Desires of the Heart series – Boston College, Chestnut Hill, MA
Spring 2012: Desires of the Heart series – Fordham University, New York, NY
Spring 2011: Desires of the Heart series – Georgetown University, Washington, DC
Lent 2010: Parish Mission Talk – St Anne’s, Kingston, Jamaica