Prayer Resources

Beloved – An Audio Meditation

An audio meditation on your belovedness. You are loved. Period.

Playback Theatre

Playback theatre is an innovative form of non-comedic improv that can be used for healing, compassion, and community.

Imagine Advent – 3rd Sunday

Pray with this Sunday’s gospel reading using your imagination.


We have a tendency to say thank you because it’s expected or it’s a social norm. But Ignatius encourages us to be more intentional about gratitude.

Catholic Mass & Time Travel

With the start of Daylight Saving Time on Sunday, I got thinking about time travel and how the Catholic Mass is literally a time machine of sorts. I remember when I was living as a Jesuit at Georgetown University when an old Jesuit priest gave a captivating...

A 10-minute Retreat

No time for an extended retreat? Try a 10-minute one.

This Lent, “Keep it 100”

Are your Lenten practices 100% authentic?

Pick Up Your Mat! (And Walk) – An Imaginative Meditation

What is keeping you paralysed? Put yourself in Jesus’ hands in this healing audio meditation.

Prayer by Thought

One of the hardest ways of prayer is praying for those people who you said you’d pray for. It’s easy to tell someone that you’re praying for them but sometimes hard to remember. Thankfully our thoughts about others can become prayers for them.

Music, Photographs, and Stained Glass: Methods of Prayer

Using music, photography, and gazing at stained glass as methods of prayer and tapping into the divine.

Prayer is an invitation from God, inviting us into relationship with God. It gives us a chance to take part in the story of creation, have an effect on the world, be involved in its God-story, and most importantly, reflect on how we contribute. These resources hope to reveal the infinite facets of prayer, the many ways we reach God, and how God reaches into our lives: in love, with words, in silence, seeking our desires, at different times, in different places.

Textual Prayer (prayer with the daily readings)

Sacred Space (guided prayer with daily scripture, from the Irish Jesuits)

Jesuit Prayer Index (from Xavier University)

Give Us This Day (monthly publication with prayers and Mass readings)

How to Practice Lectio Divina (prayer with scripture)

Your Own Spiritual Exercises (a prayer practice using a journal)

Reimagining the Examen

Audio Prayer

Audio Meditations and Examens from Ignatian Resources / God In All Things

Pray-As-You-Go (from the British Jesuits)

Daily Disconnect (from the Carmelites)

Insight Timer

Ritual app


These can be found in the iOS and Android app stores. The links below will take you to the iOS App Store.

Pray-As-You-Go (from the British Jesuits)

Insight Timer

Ritual app

Reimagining the Examen

3-Minute Retreat (prayer with the daily readings)

Sacred Space (guided prayer with daily scripture, from the Irish Jesuits)

Helps for Prayer

Building a Prayer Habit

Helps for Prayer (large list of helpful prayer resources and explanations from John Veltri, SJ)