Ignatian Basics


Imagine Advent

Pray with the Advent gospel readings using your imagination.



Seeking What I Already Have

We are all seekers, longing for inner peace and purpose. What if we already had what we were seeking all along?

Holiness is Silly

Why do we “strive” for holiness as if it’s something to attain? Holiness should not create separateness, but unity.

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Seeking Real Life

There are “thin spaces” in our lives, places and moments in which we experience God’s kingdom. What are the characteristics of such spaces? And how can we make our lives more kingdom-oriented?

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This guide will offer you a process and framework for discerning a particular decision using the approaches and prayer methods in the Ignatian tradition.


Ask Iggy about Ignatian spirituality! This is an experimental chatbot and may not always be accurate, but Iggy is friendly and sure knows a lot.

What is God’s Will?

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