Ignatian Basics



The Fruits of the Spirit(s)

How do we know we're moving toward union with God? Simple: we can know that by the fruits we see. Ignatius and Paul may use different words, but they're in sync with the idea of "living by the Spirit".


Gazing at the Stars

What was going on in Ignatius’ heart as he gazed up each night at the stars? His cosmology was quite different than ours, but he still understood that love was the force of the universe, the source of all and the ultimate destination.

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In the Flow

When we listen to the deep desires of our hearts we are in the flow of God’s love and God’s dream for our lives. But how do we know a desire is ‘of God’?

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How is God Present?

We tend to look for God in the big emotion-filled moments and can feel disappointed when we don’t notice God in the everyday. Yet Ignatius says we can find God’s presence in the real stuff of everyday life.

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5-Day Overview of Ignatian Decision-Making

What is God’s Will?

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