Ignatian Basics


Imagine Advent

Pray with the Advent gospel readings using your imagination.


Time Rebels: Ignatian Discernment and Our Future Selves

How can we expand personal discernment into a process that considers how my choices affect generations to come? Being a 'time rebel' expands our view beyond the present, considering how God's project unfolds far beyond me here and now.


The Deep-Down-Things

A recent episode of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds highlights the compass of our inner movements and emotions, pointing to our true selves.

Pope Francis on Discernment

Pope Francis’ recent catechises on discernment offers some helpful perspectives on Ignatian decision-making, including the importance of time, setbacks, desire, and self-knowledge.

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This guide will offer you a process and framework for discerning a particular decision using the approaches and prayer methods in the Ignatian tradition.


Ask Iggy about Ignatian spirituality! This is an experimental chatbot and may not always be accurate, but Iggy is friendly and sure knows a lot.

What is God’s Will?

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