The Falling Away of the Old

Religion often becomes a program of certainty that doesn't fully embrace the dynamism of divine creativity, where moments like incarnation and resurrection cause old sacred paradigms to fall away.

Ignatian Basics


Feelings and Emotions: Be Curious in Prayer

Ignatius tells us that feelings are important guides in the spiritual life. How do we discern what feelings are telling us? How do we know they are leading us to God? Be curious.



Disidentifying with the False Self

We all struggle with a “shadow side” that gets us anxious or judgemental. Ignatius invites us to externalise this part of ourselves a bit so we can let our true selves emerge, the part of us that is compassionate and loving.

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This guide will offer you a process and framework for discerning a particular decision using the approaches and prayer methods in the Ignatian tradition.


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What is God’s Will?

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