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Inner Furniture

Within each of us is “inner furniture” that inhibits our full life in God. They can be past hurts, stereotypes, bad memories, religious wounds, and even our images of God. We find many examples in the Gospels of people who are blind to the layout of their inner rooms.

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Disidentifying with the False Self

We all struggle with a “shadow side” that gets us anxious or judgemental. Ignatius invites us to externalise this part of ourselves a bit so we can let our true selves emerge, the part of us that is compassionate and loving.

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Virtual Enneagram Workshop

New Kids Journal

This guide will offer you a process and framework for discerning a particular decision using the approaches and prayer methods in the Ignatian tradition.


Ask Iggy about Ignatian spirituality! This is an experimental chatbot and may not always be accurate, but Iggy is friendly and sure knows a lot.

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