new way to be human switchfoodThe band Switchfoot has been one of my favorites since I was twelve years old. In fact, their Beautiful Letdown album was the first CD I ever owned. In many different ways their music sticks with me to this day, particularly their song “Let That Be Enough” from their New Way to Be Human album (1999).

The chorus is a prayer calling out to God:

Let me know that you hear me
          Let me know your touch
Let me know that you love me
          Let that be enough

This prayer is one that so many of us can relate to. How often have we sought the smallest glimpse of God, the lightest touch of God’s love? These are often the toughest times in our lives, the ones that may follow tragedy, pain, loss, and suffering. Though it may feel like it takes forever, God does eventually seem to answer this prayer – sometimes in the strangest ways.

holding hands bibleGod’s response
In my life, God’s responses have been unbelievably diverse. They have come in personal prayer through my imagination and through silence. They have come through communal prayer in the Mass, Taizé prayer, and Eucharistic Adoration. They have come through faith-sharing groups. They have come through friends sitting beside me while I cry my eyes out. They have come through the kind words and warm hugs of my family. They have come through the encouragement and guidance of mentors.

These moments helped me through times when things were at their darkest, times when I felt like God had abandoned me. And each time, one way or another, these moments of light and grace were somehow enough. Inexplicably, they pulled me through.

Before we continue, think about the times when you have called out to God, asking for a simple touch, a small whisper. How did God answer the prayer of “let that be enough” in those moments? Was there a person associated with that answer? Perhaps this is your current prayer – what does it look like for you?

In reflecting on these moments, I am led to two responses. First, this prayer of “let that be enough” really stirs amazing faith. Considering my own salvation history—the way God has worked in my own life—allows me to have faith in God’s current and future action in my own life. It is only in remembering the past that I have the strength to find faith in the future. How does your memory of God’s work strengthen your faith? What is your story of salvation, the story of God’s work in you and your life?

Second, we must ask ourselves how we might answer this prayer for others. Though God did answer me in personal prayer sometimes, it often came through others. God pulled me through the darkness by the love of my family, friends, mentors, and community. Though someone might not show outward signs of suffering, I believe that every person could use a bit more love in their life. How might we be able to representatives of God’s love to others? How might we be the hearing ear, the loving touch, the smallest sign of God’s presence another?

For those who feel an absence of God’s presence, know that you are not alone. This prayer of seeking is nearly universal. Have faith and reach out to another – you might be surprised how God answers.