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  1. You bring up an important perspective. Remember, though, there are many reasons a person is drawn to either a conservative or liberal way of voting. I left the Democratic party years ago, most importantly because of my pro life views and traditional values. Please consider the following that I wrote on my Facebook wall shortly after Pope Francis arrived:

    Several friends and family have been asking me about Pope Francis, the Church and politics. This is my impression. I have no idea as to the accuracy of my assessment and would not be so presumptuous as to claim to know.

    Like most Catholics, the Pope can’t be pigeonholed into one rigid ideology. I think it is important that Pope Francis welcomes ALL to a Church of mercy and forgiveness. That said, Church teaching won’t change on moral issues. That isn’t at all hateful and outdated as some will charge. It’s loving and merciful because it is consistent with what Christ revealed to us through scripture and Tradition. It is loving to want eternal life for another. Abortion will always be intrinsically wrong and sacramental marriage will always be between a man and a woman, according to God’s plan. Democrats will condemn the pro life and pro traditional marriage doctrine. I think there are some sectors of the GOP that will part ways with him on immigration and even more on the effect of man on climate change. Personally, I hope immigration reform enables a streamlined, LEGAL path to citizenship. After all, aren’t most of us the descendants of immigrants ? I do think both most Democrats and most Republicans support helping with the refugee crisis. I don’t know how much climate change is caused by man and how much is cyclical naturally. Pope Francis has said that discussion should continue into the science of it. Either way, as a Catholic I am called to be a good steward and caretaker of my planet. I think both parties will try to spin the Pope’s words to fit their agendas. That is unfortunate. Pope Francis is not against a free market. He is against greed. He is not for socialism. He is for social justice. Serving others. Feeding the poor. Caring for the marginalized. Following the Gospel. These are completely consistent with Catholic teaching.

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