epiphany starRun to the east,
make haste!
A new day dawns.
A star reaches down,
warming the earth
covered in sheets
of freezing dirt.

Roots are quivering.
Trees hide behind white
covers coating cleanly
each branch
outlined, outstretched towards
the new sky.

A star reaches down
warming the earth
longing for freedom from
harsh winters
that wile and wind in

In stillness it waits for this new dawn,
coloring the sky in radiant light,
lifting up a star blazing with
potential possibilities
infinite its rise as it reaches
the top of
a clear sky.

The earth longs for this promise
of warmth amidst the frozen
of light amidst the darkness
we wait, but cannot wait.
Urgency usurps our ultimate patience,
and we run.

I run
towards a new day,
towards a star signaling
something startling,
something new.

And as my feet, free and
focused on pushing forward
towards this unexplainable star,
this inexplicable warmth,
this audacious light
It dawns on me
that this is the promise from
the foundation of the world.

I run towards this eastern star,
searching for the fulfillment of this promise,
reaching back towards the star,
hoping to grasp at
warmth, light, and new life.