This is a post by Peter Knatt.

ColumbineAs the seasons progress the garden changes. Now we have entered a quiet period since the flowers, which attracted the pollinating bees and insects have, in some cases, done their job and now it’s a race to the sun to put on new growth to continue the species. Gone now are the golden daffodils, the bright yellow forsythia blooms, and the lime green mahonia, although the yellow, red and orange wallflowers are still making their presence known along the borders. Soon the rest of the roses will join Rosa ‘Madame A. Meilland’ and it will not be long before the kitchen wall is covered with Clematis Jackmanii Purpurea: (now there is one of nature’s fastest social climbers). But before those prima donnas make their entrance onto the stage we are now seeing the gentler, pastel colours of the Columbine plants making a show. These are old-fashioned country garden flowers that Grandma used to call “fairies’ bonnets”, and if you look at them you can see why. It’s almost as if the garden is saying, “Hang on a minute; let’s take a breather before the next act.”

Perhaps that is the message the garden is giving us this week. It is true that there is a lot to do; the new growth needs pruning to keep it in check otherwise the whole garden will be over run, for example. But there is only so much one can do at a time and it is necessary to take a rest every so often.

And that is the point. When we look at Psalm 46:10 it reminds us to “Be still, and know that I am God.” Let us then step aside from the materialistic world for a moment, close the laptop for a few minutes, switch off the mobile phone, turn off the vacuum cleaner, and take some time to look around at the beauty, the abundance, the glory of God’s Creation, and be thankful.

Peter Knatt is a 75 year old father and grandfather living in England who was baptized and confirmed in the Anglican tradition many, many years ago. He finds much spiritual inspiration and comfort in his garden. Read more of his garden reflections at his blog, Reflections in the Water.

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