This is a guest post by Peter Knatt.

columbine seed pod 2

From Flickr user paradisecircus – CC-BY-NC-ND

After putting on a brilliant show of flowers, the plants, shrubs, and bushes are now getting down to the important business of producing seeds which will carry on the species into next year. The firethorn produces bright red berries which attract the birds who feed on them during the hard winter to come. Likewise the insects, birds and animals will feed on the fallen apples to help them put on the necessary fat to survive. That way the seeds get distributed and the species carries on. The columbine which we met in an earlier blog post matures a bit earlier than some plants. Already the seeds are swelling inside the seed pods. Soon, ripened by the sun the pods will explode scattering the seeds around the garden so that next year there will be columbine plants growing in just about every nook and cranny.

Jesus spoke of seeds on a number of occasions; no doubt because, since many in his audience were farmers they would understand the symbolism of God’s Word as a seed. Seed (God’s Word) sown on stony ground or on fertile soil—yes they could follow that and so, of course can we. Now, God works through us and, like the farmers to whom Jesus spoke, he requires us to carefully till the soil, mulch it properly, plant the seed and tend it through its lifetime. I’m sure you know people who need your help to come to know God but who are not yet ready to accept him. They need your careful nurturing and your prayers.

But consider this. Rather than being spread across the field by the hand of the farmer the columbine chooses to distribute her seed by exploding her seed pods. Are we not then also called to imitate the columbine by spreading the Good News enthusiastically and joyfully so that everyone can see God in us; in our lives, our words, and our actions? Surely that way God’s message get will into every nook and cranny of the world and those whom we have been carefully nurturing will come to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour?

Peter Knatt is a 75 year old father and grandfather living in England who was baptized and confirmed in the Anglican tradition many, many years ago. He finds much spiritual inspiration and comfort in his garden. Read more of his garden reflections at his blog, Reflections in the Water.

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