Finding God in Gay

I’ve never posted about controversial issues on here. Instead I seek to provide a window into a God who dwells in all creation, in the extraordinary events of our life, and in the mundane. But finding God in all things […]

The Gifts of the Spirit

Here is an excerpt from a piece I wrote on the Gifts of the Holy Spirit for Pentecost (this Sunday). You’ll find the full article (link below) has an Ignatian slant. “On Pentecost Sunday, God breathed the Holy Spirit into […]

One Solitary Life

“He is not here; for he has been raised.” (Matthew 28:6) Today is the day hope came into the world through the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. Billions around the world celebrate this day. No one in the history of humanity […]

Grace from Suffering

A year ago I was working as a chaplain at Georgetown University Hospital. It forced me to grapple with hard questions around suffering and the mystery of life. I recently wrote a reflection on how we can find grace in […]

Liturgy & The Spiritual Exercises

Italian-born priest Fr Romano Guardini felt the Spiritual Exercises had an anti-liturgical bias. Indeed, Jesuits have been seen as anti-liturgical, or at least careless about the liturgy. In truth, the treasury of the Society of Jesus holds the liturgy with […]

Covenants and Rainbows

Reading: Genesis 9:8-15 In Ignatian circles you’ll often hear someone say that, sure, it’s easy to find God in a sunset or from a mountaintop or in a beautiful vista, but we must find God in the small everyday things! Yet […]