I’m not one to be star struck. I know people who tweet only in hopes a celebrity they mention will reply or retweet them. But then the other day I tweeted about a video of a favourite band of Josh Radnor. He plays Ted Mosby in my favourite sitcom, How I Met Your Mother. Well, he replied and thanked me for passing on the video.
Fine… It was kind of neat that the star of my favourite show acknowledged my existence in a less than 140 character communication to me. But then I thought about what might be cooler than that…
A tweet from Jesus! But gee, I’ve never gotten a tweet from Jesus.
Wait, am I dense? He tweets to me all the time! And he doesn’t have character restrictions. With all the hullabaloo of celebrities acknowledging our existence we forget that Jesus (the ultimate celebrity) actually deeply cares about my life. Josh Radnor, though he might be a good person, has already forgotten about @andyotto. And even when he was composing his tweet back to me he wasn’t concerned about who my friends were or how I loved or what direction my life took. But Jesus does. And he communicates with me all day long, through my feelings, my heart, my experiences, and the people I encounter. Jesus is always trying to speak to me. In fact, I wrote down some of his tweets:
10/11/12 7:19pm @JesusofNazareth: @andyotto What’d you do today?
10/11/12 11:13pm @JesusofNazareth: Good night! I’ll be up getting some work done.
10/12/12 3:40am @JesusofNazareth: @andyotto Thinking about the weekend… I was thinking we could grab a coffee downtown.
10/13/12 2:31pm @JesusofNazareth: Sick of all the election hoopla. How about following the better choice like @andyotto does! #VoteJC2012
10/14/12 9:48am @JesusofNazareth: @andyotto Sunday! It’s my day! Send me a text later and tell me how your relationship is going. #needtocatchup
So Jesus may not be communicating to me precisely by way of Twitter, but he does care about my relationships and about how I spend my time. He probably even wouldn’t mind if we shared a coffee.

See, Josh Radnor and Jesus might have have come things in common—good sense of humour and Jewish—but he and no other celebrity is quite like Jesus. No celebrity takes an interest in the mundane details of your life. And unlikes Jesus, no celebrity is going to read all your tweets and respond as meaningfully.

So what’s Jesus saying to you?

Don’t always get a tweet back? Perhaps you’re not tuned into all of Jesus’ channels, like prayer or silence or human conversation. Here are some other ways you can listen.

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