You may find this odd, but one of the best prayer times for me is whenever I make a visit to the bathroom. Whether it’s in the shower or during a quick midday biological break, I find it’s one of the few times I have true quiet and focus. In the bathroom there are few distractions so my attention can easily turn to God. What do I do? Nothing profound. I speak with God. I thank God for my day so far or express my desires for the day to come. I may even bless myself with the sign of the cross.
This is one of the ways I manage to make God a part of my day. It’s hard enough when I’m tired in the morning or busy at work. Finding time for prayer and acknowledging the holy is very important in the spiritual life. I’ve tried many things to focus myself back in on God during the day, including a daily 1pm alert on my computer that reminds me to pause, maybe say a quick prayer. Truth be told, I don’t always follow through because something else “seems” more important. Having to go to the bathroom, on the other hand, is something I can’t avoid. So I make the most of the forced pause and bring God into it.
See, sometimes you don’t even need to create pauses for yourself because they already exist throughout your day. You just have to notice them. There’s a pause when you’re driving in the car. There’s a pause when you take your dog for a walk, when you’re washing your hands, or tying your shoes. And of course, while you’re in the WC.
Where are those inevitable pause moments in your day? Use them for a quick prayer.
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