This is a guest post by Agnes M. Macatangay-Mercado.

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We automatically conclude that everybody loves happy endings. Listening to how stories in the news are framed, the most profitable ones are where miseries, scandals, exploitations are the ones repeatedly broadcasted. Yes, we do enjoy resolutions, those victorious films or triumphant personal biographies, but the happy or joyful moment is temporary. We have the tendency to pick on the details of the sufferings. We highlight the struggles. Even after a very restful and enjoyable vacation, we always say in a dreadful manner, “back to reality” or “back to the grind.” As if everything is hopeless. Yes, the monotony or the routines may not be something to look forward to, but if we just see our world with a hopeful eyes, a satisfied and grateful heart, nurture positive thoughts, a spirit glowing in faith, our bodies will respond free of resistance.

Easy to say? Yes! Definitely. Possible to do? Of course! How can we do a mind-reset, having taught and lived a life where we are focused on our selves, our problems, our triumphs, our success? This calls for a paradigm shift. We can start from our home, family, work, community.

    1. Condition ourselves on the way home. We can visualize our home as our sanctuary. Structurally, it may not be perfect. It may be small and cluttered, it may not be as luxurious as our dreams would allow it, but this is our home. The moment we open the door, look not at the nitty gritty things that may irritate us, such as the litter of our children or pets, or the chores competing for our attention. Just breathe three times, thank God for the roof over our head. Even if it is just a room in our parents’ or in-laws’ home. Be grateful of your privacy. Soak in the thought that in this place, we can be ourselves and there is nothing better than this. End with a happy thought that we are blessed.
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      Have faith in the decisions and plans of God in our lives. Look at our family with contentment. There may be sickness or differences we have been battling all along, but let us go beyond these and appreciate the great little things we have. We may have an issue with one or two, but overall, we know we have parents who love us dearly. Our partners may be aging or have irritating habits, but we can not deny the patience, understanding, and tolerance they have given us during the times we are not so lovable because of our moods. Or we may just be starting a family and having financial and emotional difficulties, but what about the bright prospects of being able to create a better environment than we were raised? What about our kids? There are those who may not have followed the path we wanted, but if we take a closer look, we’ll be amazed at the rationale of why things happened the way they did. End with a smile and a heart full trust in God.

    3. Instead of having a mindset of “what can I get from this firm?” or “how can I be fairly compensated for all my efforts,” work like you own the business. What more can I give? How can I help improve the procedures and my productivity so in the long run, our company will be stable, hence we too will have job security. Look at the potentials of learning instead of the fatigue and feeling under compensated. Exude positive energy and friendly attitude. If sincere, all your efforts will not be left unnoticed. Be open to the blessings of God through other people. The circumstances may be against you, but when God’s hand is at work, believe that nothing is impossible. Let the spirit of God be recognized in your works! End with a joyful spirit that continues to give selflessly.
    4. There are so many critics already. Listen with an open mind to perspective. Weigh out facts and pray that truth, justice, and peace will prevail in all incidents, be it a conflict within individual, neighbors, communities, states, or countries. Exercise your freedom to comment and express your thoughts, but do it with prudence, humility, and a sincere desire to resolve conflicts, and restore or find common solutions to existing problems. Be an encourager, a motivator of conscience. Discard anger and feelings of superiority. End with peace as an objective for blessed are the peace makers.

Tough acts. However, if we believe in the Resurrection, this is the simplest way we can start. Christ came on earth and died for us. He has done all the sufferings for us. When everyday in faith we say “Jesus, I trust in You,” we open the room for our daily happy endings.

Agnes M. Macatangay-Mercado considers herself a drifter whose soul is anchored on her faith. Her writings have a tinge of brokenness yet translate to and conclude with spiritual awakenings. She is a graduate of LIA-COM in De La Salle University with majors in Economics & Marketing Management and has a degree in Human Resource Management from the University of Santo Tomas. She is from the Philippines but currently lives in Arizona. You can read her blog here.

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