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  1. USCCB made a deal with the devil when it aligned itself with the Republican Party over abortion. Very disappointed in Mr. Otto’s tepid critique of the USCCB’s abject failure of leadership.

  2. I am “Catholic” and a democrat. I vote democrat. Why? Because I believe in freedom for all people, rights for all people — unlike the Catholic church. I believe that human life is sacred but that women should be left to chose what they will do with their bodies. My beliefs are not to be imposed on other people who are atheists, Muslims or other religions. We cannot force Catholicism on everyone. This is the US. If we made abortion illegal, women would still have them — UNSAFELY. So what’s better? What’s more, is that there are children ALREADY here that need to be taken care of…NOW. Their parents need food stamps and assistance in taking care of them. They are innocent and they suffer. So, if you believe in being pro-life, you must support the born. Not just the unborn. And if someone is diagnosed with a terminal illness and is going to suffer a horrible death and they want to die before that happens, that is THEIR CHOICE and nobody should shame them or make that choice for them. If you’re not in their shoes, you should remain silent and pray you never will have to be in their shoes. LGBTQ people are treated horribly and that needs to change. Are republicans usually interested in these issues to HELP and aid and make things better? NO. They make it worse. So, if you ask me…voting democratic or maybe independent is probably most Christian. Most like Jesus. If I voted according to what the church teaches, I would be vote for homophobia, bigotry, division and dictatorship and that is not what this country is about. In the end, nobody should be pushing their religious beliefs on everyone else.

  3. Oh yes, Stephen. Jesus didn’t care about much except feeding the hungry, healing the sick, forgiving the errant – and heck yes, raising the dead! Not to mention accepting the outsider. We can do no less.

  4. Congratulations! So well done. Keep up the good work, Charlotte Ahern


  5. I think it is a crying shame that all we have to choose from is the lesser of two evils. Whatever that is. The world is laughing. I am so sad.

  6. I’ve long-since come to the conclusion that, in this election, to vote for either of the two major-party candidates is formal cooperation with evil, not through positive participation, but through the fact that such a vote will condone the evil acts enabled by that candidate. And yes, this applies equally to both.

  7. I think more discussion like this one need to take place in our Catholic communities. I think one of the greatest failingis of Church leaders is the lack of teaching on developing a conscience. Many people do not understand what it means much less how to develop one. I often wonder if this isn’t the same motivation on the part of leaders as when Catholics were discouraged from reading scripture. I also feel that the role of the Church in American today should be in bringing us back together. The Catholic Church could be an example to our society. PEW research suggests that we are becoming two nations split along party lines. We don’t frequent the same places, live in the same neighborhoods, go the same schools. But as Catholic we often do sit in the same pews on Sunday! What a gift we could be to the world if we dared to understand one another and seek common ground.

  8. As a medical professional who works in women’s health, I have seen first hand the horrific affects of back-alley abortion, obtained in places where although technically legal, abortions were inaccessible or unaffordable. There are awful affects on the mother’s health and also the health of her future children (increased rate of preterm birth).

    As Stephen said above, women are going to have abortions. Period. Always have, always will. I hope our elected officials put their efforts into supporting other humanitarian endeavors that put people in positions where they are able to comfortably raise children, rather than attempting to impose our personal ideas of utopia on reality.

    I am a pro-choice Catholic. Just like we (think) we can vote for “change” in our political system, I believe that if more Catholics voice support for reproductive choice, eventually the Church will alter its stance on abortion.

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