Beloved – An Audio Meditation

This week I’d like to share with you a new audio meditation called Beloved. More and more I find that the character of our spiritual life has everything to do with our image of God. If we don’t know God as infinitely merciful and loving and we can can’t allow ourselves to be loved by that God, then our spiritual life is going to just be about the externals, the surface level things, the going through the motions. To be loved reveals the interior dignity we’ve been given, the true self who is deeply beloved. I hope you enjoy this prayer.

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  1. Absolutely moving and beautiful!!! Thank you for sharing your podcasts and for the very important ministry and work that you do. May our loving God bless you richly.

  2. Thank you a hundredfold for this beacon of light in the midst of the pandemic.I I have also passed it on to my family members. I plan to spend time each day praying to end this pandemic.

  3. This was a beautiful meditation. Thank you. What is the name of the music that was playing in the background?

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