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Discerning Advent

Discerning Advent is a four-week Advent series examining Ignatian discernment and decision-making in the light of the Mystery of the Incarnation. Read, listen, and pray with each week in order as you go from Darkness to the...

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Discerning Advent – Preparation

People had to discern John the Baptist’s message. Was he the messiah? What were the signs they saw? Discernment includes many signs, consolation and desolation, and movements from the spirits that prepare the way to a choice.

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Discerning Advent – Darkness

Incarnation occurs all the time, even in our decisions. We are in a whirl of confusion and feel like we’re in darkness. Advent is a time of sitting with those raw feelings and emotions because discernment begins with observation.

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Advent is Our Story

As 21st century Christians we look through the lens of history having already happened. We approach Advent in a way that already knows the next chapter of the story. There’s a deeper story that is ours, too.

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This guide will offer you a process and framework for discerning a particular decision using the approaches and prayer methods in the Ignatian tradition.


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