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  1. Great comparison Andy. In my own faith journey I had experiences with Buddhist philosophy and meditation practices. As you indicate there is certainly some overlap between Buddhism and Ignatian Spirituality. One of my guides along the way is a friend who was a former Buddhist monk who eventually became a Jesuit priest. One of the best sources for the similarities and differences between Buddhism and Catholicism is the late William Johnston, S.J. a great mystic and author of many books, including Christian Zen.


    Ultimately I believe that one of the best contributions that Buddhism can make to Christianity in general and Catholicism in particular is that it can help us rediscover our own mystical traditions that unfortunately have been downplayed if not lost since the Enlightenment. In addition to the Ignatian Spirituality of St. Loyola, St. John of the Cross, St. Teresa of Avila, Meister Eckhart and author of The Cloud of Unknowing (I highly recommend the translation by William Johnston) are all wonderfully deep resources for Christians who are interested in Buddhist meditative techniques but who believe in a personal God and the Incarnation.

  2. This was an excellent, well researched article. I followed the Zen tradition for some ten years before coming to the Church. You have shown very clearly how Ignatian spirituality and Buddhist spirituality intersect. The key is to shed attachments, to be fully available to everyone without “looking back “, and to be able see all the world in a single grain of sand. It’s not mystical : it’s exceedingly practical. For Catholics , follow God into your deepest self, discover the unique job he has given only to you since before the beginning of time , return remade in light in love to serve freely. This is the day The Lord has made, and YOU are made for it.

  3. Andy, Nice job on this article. Ignation spirituality can be, and has been, described as a spirituality of finding God’s will for a better decision making. Both Buddhism and Ignation spirituality say that prayer and meditation is necessary for any personal transformation to occur. I really enjoyed the post share here with good information. Very inspiring.


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