The Grace I Seek (Morning Meditation)

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This new year we present a new audio meditation based on Saint Ignatius’ suggestion to ask God “for what I want and desire”. Similar to the Morning and Evening Examens, The Grace I Seek is a two-part daily audio meditation that will help you ask yourself, “What is the grace I seek?”

The Grace I Seek MorningPray the 4-minute morning meditation in the morning. The morning track helps you determine the grace you need and ask God for it. The evening track, to be prayed before bed, lets you reflect on the day and see if the grace was given. Click the image to the right or play it here:

8 replies

  1. This is such a beautiful way to start and end the day. It helps me to focus on what’s important. There are days when sadness and physical pain are there when I awake. These meditations help me to focus on God’s love and the grace I need in the day to truly embrace His love.

  2. How do I register to get this daily? I have tried soooo many sites! So many are good but I need to simplify. My spiritual advisor, a great guy from the Paulist Center in Boston, has been working with me to bring moderation into my life. This just delighted me and brought me clarity. HELP!

  3. Thank you to all who shared. We are NOT alone. We must use whatever tools that work for us to connect and reconnect AND this is a good one. Mary, I feel the same way. I am amazed that I let myself slide into apathy again and again. “Why I have resisted listening every day is beyond me.” Also again and again, we ARE given the grace to begin again. How great is our Loving, God of Mystery. AMEN! Thank you God. Thank you,Andy Otto. You truly are a God Gift. Thank you to my fellow seekers.

  4. Dear Andy, thankyou. Two weeks have passed since I found this site. I find the simplicity and directness so comforting each morning. Digging deep and really tuning into what IS at that very moment can be an eyeopener. I then have clarity and I know the help I need to live that day with gratitude. Again, thank you, Kathy


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